F1 2011 to appear on 'new handhelds'. Looks like PSP2 and 3DS versions are go, go go!

F1 2011 is heading to 'new handhelds' next year, according to Codemasters. That can only mean one thing - 3D racing awesomeness in the palm of your hand on 3DS and HD racing on PSP2. Colourus excited. There's more good news too, as there are yet more F1 games on the way from the racing studio...

Above: No screenshots yet, but this is how the game might look if you played it in the middle of a real F1 race

Not only will Codies be releasing yearly F1 games but they've also got plans for a browser game and a version aimed at 'very young children'. Who knows what form that one will take. Maybe it'll have invisible barriers at the trackside so you can't crash? Or maybe it will be a Mario Kart clone. Imagine what that would look like...

Above: Take that, Kubica! How I imagine a kiddy version of F1 might look. I'm probably wrong. Hopefully...

The studio isn't too worried about re-winning the license when it expires in 2012, as the game'sall-formats number onein the UK sales chart in its first week will be the perfect bargaining chip next time they meet with the FIA. Codemasters CEO Rod Cousenstold MCV: “Someone would have to really go some way to beat us. And I’m not sure who’s out there that could do that.”

He went on to say: “There’s no reason why F1 can’t be as established and important a part of our annual release schedule as FIFA is to EA. I believe we won this licence because racing games are in the DNA of Codemasters."

We would just like to point Codies' attention in the direction of the Tony Hawk story we ran earlier today, as yearly updatescan stagnate... but seeing as F1's been off the shelves for a good few years prior to the studio getting hold of the license, everyone seems to be up for F1 at the moment. It looks like the next few years are going to full of quality racing, both at home and on handhelds.

19 Nov, 2010


Justin Towell

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