F Gary Gray taking over Law Abiding Citizen

F Gary Gray, who last brought us Be Cool, is in negotiations to replace Frank Darabont as the director of Law Abiding Citizen, starring Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx.

Darabont dropped out of the project citing behind-the-scenes issues a couple of weeks ago, shortly before Foxx was cast.

Variety is reporting that Gray, who has handled the likes of The Italian Job remake and had been in talks to direct heist drama Armored, is replacing him. It looks like the armoured car pic – which has Eric Bana starring – will have to replace Gray.

Vigilante thriller

Citizen, produced by Butler, follows a distraught family fan (Foxx) that swears revenge on the men who hatched a plea deal for his wife and daughter’s killer to go free. Butler is starring as the assistant district attorney and Foxx’s main target.

The film kicks off shooting this coming April in Philadelphia.

Next week, Tim Burton will be pulled from his work on Alice In Wonderland to direct Armored, which will leave Alice in the hands of… oh, who’s available? Uwe Boll? Run!

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