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Ezra Miller talks The Flash's abilities

Ezra Miller has been talking up Barry Allen's super-powers ahead of the big-screen adaptation of The Flash, and from the sounds of it, our leading man is quite the comic-book aficionado…

"Barry Allen is the hero of the Silver Age, who follows a lot of really interesting discoveries in physics," said Miller in an interview with MTV News (opens in new tab). "It’s like, where he comes from, we’ve figured out the event horizon was there, and then he was the character that was created through our mythos machine of comic books to break that event horizon so we could explore in fantasy. I think that’s an interesting idea – and also what the fuck does that do to someone?"

also asked whether Miller had been avoiding the CW TV show, but it seems as though the star is a fan of that version of the character too. "Come on, we’re The Flash!" enthuses Miller. "It’s parallel universes! Grant Gustin is The Flash and I’m The Flash – don’t you see? It’s the event horizon, we crossed it baby! Grant and I are chilling. We’re gonna have a race – it’s gonna be dope! Like Jay Garrick and Barry Allen back in the day!"

The man certainly knows his stuff! No director has been appointed at this stage, but The Flash will open in the US on 23 March 2018. A UK date has yet to be confirmed.

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