EyeToy: Play 2 is watching you

Sony have announced the sequel to their original EyeToy collection, Play, and as well as new games, some startling innovations are planned.

Kung2, Mr Chef and DIY are among the 12 new games but the more interesting additions use some fancy new coding techniques developed since EyeToy's debut.

MotionCam technology will take direction and velocity into account for ball games like Home Run, Boxing and Table Tennis, while the new-fangled MiniVision takes your image and shrinks it to slot more readily into the game's environment, allowing you to move around within the 3D world.

Best of all, as far as we're concerned, is the brilliantly sinister SpyToy, which makes the camera record footage and stills whenever its motion sensors are tweaked. Obvious applications include security and good old-fashioned snoopage. You can also set the EyeToy to trigger a pre-recorded video message whenever anybody passes within range.

EyeToy Play 2 will be invading your family's privacy this winter