Explosive Heavenly Sword shots

Tuesday 26 September 2006
The latest screens from PS3 showcase Heavenly Sword show some of the battlefield scales we can expect from the game - with a lot less fluttering banners than the original screens but some corking explosions to make up for it.

Nariko will be able to wield an "ancient bazooka" for dealing with the hulking siege engines, while the scores of troops are fodder for the lawnmower effects of her super-attacks.

Above: The Heavenly Sword is impressive, but now we're all for an Ancient Bazooka spin-off game

We'd hoped for Heavenly Sword to have a top-notch showing at TGS, since the Japanese know a thing or two about their action games - but unfortunately the demo intended for the show was held back, and the E3 version was wheeled out for another showing.

Hopefully we'll get a chance to see how the game has improved since E3 soon - although a more definite release date than 2007 still hasn't been set.