Exclusive: Star Wars Rivals is a brand new card game from Funko

Star Wars Rivals card game
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Funko Games is bringing a brand new collectible card game to the shelves this year. Star Wars Rivals will take the iconic franchise to the tabletop on May 4, 2023, as fans join the Dark or Light Side and build a squadron of classic characters ready for battle. The set will initially be comprised of a $19.99 Premier Set to get you started, with additional $4.99 booster packs to expand your collection. 

The game itself centers around location cards, with players going head-to-head to conquer the most territories using their characters' unique action abilities. The Premier Set will include four character cards with their own game mover pieces as well as an exclusive die, 14 action cards, 18 tokens and markers, and 12 location cards featuring four exclusives. 

From there, players will have a decision to make. Each booster pack offers either Light or Dark Side themes, packing a character card with an associated game mover, two location cards, five action cards, and 16 tokens and markers. These booster packs are playable independently of the Premier Set, but are best used as expansions.

We've seen many of the best card games expanding into these well-loved franchises. Marvel, Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings have all committed their characters to cardboard and we're awaiting the major Disney Lorcana release this summer as well. Just how well Star Wars Rivals will fit into this landscape remains to be seen, but we're excited to get that dice rolling.

The full set will also feature an "all-new art style, including awesome hologram variants," claims Funko Games head Deirdre Cross. Funko also states that this art has never been seen before, so collectors beware.

Star Wars Rivals card game booster packs

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Can't wait until May 4? Funko Games will also be offering a limited pre-release run throughout Star Wars Celebration (April 7-10). That means you could get your hands on Star Wars Rivals well ahead of that official launch date - it's going to be a busy weekend. After that, you'll be able to order via Funko Games on launch day or head to Walmart for full availability in early June.

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