Exclusive: new Indiana Jones Monopoly adds traps and artifacts to the board game

Monopoly: Indiana Jones Edition board closeup
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GamesRadar+ can exclusively reveal a new Indiana Jones Monopoly board game, set to launch in April 2023.

Allowing players to play through iconic moments from the original trilogy, Monopoly: Indiana Jones Edition has you struggling to control locations from the films like the Well of Souls and Temple of Doom. You'll also be chasing down artifacts including the Golden Idol and Holy Grail (which seem to be physical golden tokens), not to mention overcoming traps. And yes, there are snakes.

As with other versions of Monopoly, you'll also be using unique metal movers rather than the usual ones. This edition adds in Indy's whip, hat, journal, a motorbike with sidecar, a minecart, and the headpiece at the top of the Staff of Ra. 

Although we don't have an exact release date, Monopoly: Indiana Jones Edition will be joining the best board games on shelves this April at an MSRP of $34.99. Here's the official description:

"Fortune, glory, and snakes! With Monopoly: Indiana Jones Edition, players imagine traveling the world on Indy’s adventures, as they relive memorable moments from the first three Indiana Jones films! Race to take control of locations such as the Well of Souls and the Temple of Doom, secure Jock’s biplane and other aircraft, and chase down precious artifacts, like the Golden Idol, the Holy Grail, and more. 

Along the way, try to overcome booby traps, spiders, and snakes. The last player with money when all other players have gone bankrupt wins! For two to six players, this game is a great gift for fans of Indiana Jones movies, Indiana Jones collectors, and Monopoly!"

Monopoly: Indiana Jones Edition is far from the only fan-friendly take on one of the best classic board games. Alongside Avengers-themed spin-offs and a Fortnite adaptation that actually uses mechanics from its inspiration (like the storm) at the tabletop, there are well over 1,000 versions out there.

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