Exclusive March of the Machine spoilers show off vampire pirate and angelic rhino (!?) cards

March of the Machine spoilers
(Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)

If you're looking for March of the Machine spoilers, we've got three new cards for you to feast your eyes on - GamesRadar+ can exclusively reveal a trio of new additions to this upcoming Magic: The Gathering set.

It's an eclectic bunch; these March of the Machine spoilers take us from demonic vampires to angelic rhinos (and no, that's not a typo). More specifically, you'll find the Dusk Legion Duelist, Surge of Salvation, and Astral Wingspan cards below. 

It's unclear where these cards will land in the MTG March of the Machine set at large, but one - Surge of Salvation - is a Story Spotlight that sees the Ancient Greek-inspired Meletians getting some much-needed angelic assistance in their battle against Phyrexia. You can see it, and the other two exclusive reveals, below.

March of the Machine joins the best card games on shelves this April, and as evidenced by this reveal, the preview season is well underway. This will run until April 5, at which point the full card gallery is unveiled. Shortly afterward, in-store prerelease events kick-off (on April 14, if you're keeping score), and it's all capped off with the global tabletop launch on April 21.

However, that's not the end of it, as this is the culmination of years of storytelling; a smaller, secondary set called 'The Aftermath' arrives in May. These narrative-focused cards detail the state of play after Phyrexia's defeat, detailing which characters live or die.

It's been a busy month for trading card games; alongside growing anticipation for March of the Machine, we also got our first good look at MTG Lord of the Rings (including a card so rare that only one has been created). Following that, we were able to get a better glimpse of Disney Lorcana - a new competitor from the team behind some of the best board games.

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