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Exclusive: Jeff Bridges talks Tron 2 just got off the blower to Jeff Bridges and the Iron Man actor has spilt some hi-tech beans about Tron Legacy .

Bridges is back to reprise his Kevin Flynn role of the 1982 original and he’s delighted that the original writer/director Steven Lisberger has been kept on board as writer/producer.

“They were very smart to keep Steven involved,” he said down the phone from LA. “He was the source of the whole material and he was very much a part of it. The effects are going to be quite astounding…”

"And it was interesting to see that while the techniques we used in Tron are available to other guys… Well, it’s amazing to see how different the products are, depending on the artist who is at the helm.”

For Tron Legacy , the guy at the helm is Joseph Kosinski. He’d never directed a film before, but Bridges says he did a “wonderful job”.

“I haven’t seen it yet, but being on the set, he was really calm…”

So, a 59-year-old Dude, taking part in all these hi-tech flicks… Is Jeff Bridges a tech-wizard himself?

“I don’t know about wizard! I kind of have a love-hate thing going with it. It’s wonderful to run across people who say, ‘I don’t do e-mail.’

"It’s so refreshing! But I can understand why they do that and they seem to carry on just fine without it…”


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