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Exclusive Halo cartoon coming to Halo Waypoint

Microsoft desperately wants to assure you that the Halo franchise is still in good hands even though they’ve parted ways with Bungie. So what’s the best possible way to do ensure that with its own first party, 100% Halo dedicated studio, 343 Industries? If you said make a wacky cartoon starring two deadbeat gamer caricatures, brought to you by the animation studio that put together the incredibly canceled Clerks show, than you my friend are way ahead of the curve!

Above: Apt. 117? That's probably a reference to something right... Master Chief's son, right?

Proudly billed as “a show about a boring, average guy who lives with a Halo obsessed idiot,” Apt. 117 is real, andcoming soon to a Halo Waypoint near you. Oh what, you thought 343’s first output would be a new Halo game?! Obviously, you know very little about how developers work, kid…

Oct 7, 2010