Exclusive GTA IV content for 360

A tasty info-nugget droppedat Microsoft's X06 conference last night revealed that the Xbox 360 version of Grand Theft Auto IV will feature exclusive downloadable content.

After a mention at Microsoft's E3 conference earlier this year, the tech giant has now confirmed that "hours of entirely new gameplay" in two new episodes of Grand Theft Auto IV's story will be available for download - presumably at little or no charge - on Xbox Live shortly after the game's release.

ABOVE: Wow. A logo. Juicy, isn't it?

With a Rockstar-grade media blackout on GTA IV still in effect, it's unclear if these episodes will provide an important angle on the game's storyline or (more likely) a fun diversion - but 360-less GTA completists may want to make some changes to their console wish-list this Christmas.

September 28, 2006