Exclusive: Avatar Special Edition sturmbeest shot


Avatar is heading back into cinemas next Friday for a Special Edition encore, and we’ve landed a never-before-seen shot from one of the flick’s new scenes.

Showing off the sturmbeest, essentially alien game that the Na’vi hunt for food, this shot comes from one of Avatar Special Edition ’s new scenes (courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox). Yes, cinema's biggest grossing movie ever is getting bigger, with nine minutes of new footage having been added to the previous theatrical release.

According to the press information sent our way, the sturmbeest is not only hunted for its meat, it’s also the inspiration for a number of Na’vi pastimes including music, song, dance and art.

Click the below pic for a larger version…

Other scenes that have been added to the blue-hued re-release include a hunting scene (glimpsed in the below trailer), an emotional scene folded in near the movie’s close, scenes of Grace at the Na’vi school, a new creature called a Stingbat – and, sigh, a more fleshed-out love scene.

Check out the flick’s SE trailer below…

Looking forward to returning to Pandora? Or think this is just Cameron attempting to squeeze more milk from his cash cow? Talk to us below…

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