Evil Genius 2 gets a cinematic trailer and new DLC details

Evil Genius 2
(Image credit: Rebellion)

A brand new cinematic trailer for Evil Genius 2 has been unveiled, as well as details on the game's photo mode and post-launch DLC plans.

You can check out the brand new cinematic trailer for Evil Genius 2 below. In the trailer, you can see each of the four titular evil overlords that you can play as in-game, each with their own campaign. There's also a closer look at a number of the other features at your disposal throughout the game, including henchmen, traps, agents, evil minions, and many other details.

Elsewhere, a photo mode has been unveiled for Evil Genius 2. The mode will be available at launch, and will support the sort of features we've seen in countless other fantastic photo modes, like depth of field adjustments, filters, overlays, characters, and more.

Finally, there's news of post-launch DLC plans for Evil Genius 2. While the press release from developer Rebellion mentions that it's going all-in on launch right now, it can reveal a new campaign pack planned for after Evil Genius 2 arrives, featuring a new genius, lair, henchmen, minions, and more. 

Additionally, you can purchase the Season One pass for Rebellion's game, which guarantees you the aforementioned campaign pack, as well as two new henchmen packs, two minion packs, and a lair items pack, so you can really spruce up your domain.

There's not long now to go until you can finally play Evil Genius 2 for yourselves. The game launches later this month on March 30 on PC, exclusively as a Steam release. To see what we made of the game when we played it a month ago, head over to our Evil Genius 2 preview for more.

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