Everyone's dancing in For Honor and it's freakin' adorable

What is it with Ubi games and dancing? Both Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell have managed passible attempts at 'walk the dinosaur' in the past. Now it's For Honor's turn to strut its stuff - while the game's focus is meant to be about hacking bits off other people, some players are being... more expressive.

It all started with the 'air hump'

It's a cycled animation you can create by spamming a heavy class emote. And, while no one's sure where this move originated from, some players have their theories:

The key thing is that it's leading to beautiful moments in a game pitching eternal, unending war

Although this is the GREATEST For Honor dance effort to date (just wait for it...) 

It's not all air humps though - there's the butt wiggle

The origin of which is easy to trace...

And the 'Crazy Russian'

Nice effort from the Viking team there. Good foot work.

There's also some breakdancing

But it might not be international....

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