Eve: Children of the Moon tasks a team of kids with saving the world... again

Eve: Children of the Moon #1
(Image credit: Boom! Studios)

Boom! Studios has released a first look at Eve: Children of the Moon #1, the first of five issues in a new limited series from writer Victor LaValle, artist Jo Mi-Gyeong, colorist Brittany Peer, and letterer AndWorld Design. 

Children of the Moon is a direct sequel to Eve, in which the titular character leaves her virtual reality home to save her dad and the dying planet. Now, Children of the Moon follows Eve, her sister, and their friend Wexler as they attempt to once again save the world in the face of new challenges and what Boom! describes as "a darkness from the past."

In the original announcement, LaValle says, "When Eve came out I didn't know if readers would love her and her journey as much as I did. It was a gift when they embraced her as much as they did. And when we were done with issue #5, I realized there was more of her story to tell. 

"But not just hers. The whole world we'd built. Eve saved the world but what happens the day after that? What if the world doesn't take too kindly to saviors?"

Eve: Children of the Moon #1 features cover art by Ario Anindito, Jahnoy Lindsay, Miguel Mercado, and Mike Del Mundo. Interior art by Mi-Geyong and covers can be seen in the gallery below.

Eve: Children of the Moon #1 will be available October 12.

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