Evangeline Lilly's already been measured for her Wasp suit

Having stolen the show as Hope van Dyne in Ant-Man, Evangeline Lilly has hinted that there may be a good deal more to come for her in the Marvel universe, confirming that she has been fitted for a super-suit that would see her transform into alter-ego, The Wasp.

“I was scanned for #TheWasp suit, but then I got pregnant,” reveals Lilly on her official Facebook page. “Let’s hope I fit it again! #ineedtime!” (If you’ve yet to see Ant-Man, you might want to skip the next spoilery part of the discussion…)

As fans of the film will know, Hank Pym spends most of the movie resisting Hope’s attempts to follow in the footsteps of her mother (the original Wasp), refusing to let her don the Ant-Man suit. However, as the post-credits sting reveals, he’s actually been working on her own suit in secret, and is now ready to hand it over…

Meanwhile, Lilly has been discussing how her character changed once Peyton Reed took over from the departing Edgar Wright. “She became more relatable and a little less like an original, 1960’s comic book character,” explains the star. “I LOVED both versions, but the version we settled with fit better in the #marvelverse. I’d still love to do Edgar Wright‘s version, too.”

A dedicated Ant-Man sequel has yet to get the green light from Marvel, but we’d imagine it’s a case of when rather than if. In the meantime, feel free to get speculating as to where we might see the Wasp next in the comments below…

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