Evan Almighty trailer online

Jim Carrey’s duelling with Steve Carell’s obnoxious anchor was one of the best parts of Tom Shadyac’s 2003 flick, Bruce Almighty. So the fact that Universal stumped up the moolah to create a spin-off featuring Carell’s character, Evan Baxter, isn’t exactly a shocker.

Evan Almighty (seriously, it must’ve taken them ages) follows the former TV news reader as his life is turned upside down after he is elected to Congress. Then God appears and tells him to build an ark. Evan slowly begins to transform into Noah, with uncontrollable spurts of facial hair and the need to wear robes.

Morgan Freeman reprises his role as the man upstairs and Shadyac slips back into his seat behind the camera. Evan Almighty is set to sail into cinemas on the 20 July 2007.

Click here to watch the trailer.

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