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Escape from Tarkov Twitch drops: How to connect your accounts and earn rewards

escape from tarkov twitch drops
(Image credit: Battlestate Games)

At the very start of this year, the Escape from Tarkov Twitch drops made the game explode in popularity, as it reached the top of Twitch and many popular streamers started playing it. Well guess what? The Escape from Tarkov Twitch drops are back again and we're expecting it to be big again. Here's everything you need to know about how to get the Escape from Tarkov Twitch drops and connect your account.

How to get Escape from Tarkov Twitch drops

Escape from Tarkov Twitch drops

(Image credit: Battlestate Games)

To get Twitch drops in Escape from Tarkov, the first thing you need to do is obvious; make sure you own the game! You can "pre-order" a copy here (opens in new tab), which gives you immediate access to the game in its current beta state.

The Tarkov Twitch drops will be running from Thursday, June 11 at 6 AM EDT (3 AM PDT, 10 AM BST) till Monday, June 22 at the same time. To connect your Twitch account to your Tarkov account, you need to go to your Escape from Tarkov profile (opens in new tab) page on the main website.

Along the right-hand side navbar, there will be a list of actions. Find the one that says "Link Twitch Account", click on it, and you'll be redirected to Log in, authorise the connection, and voila! The two accounts will be linked.

To receive the Twitch drops, you need to watch certain streamers who have drops enabled. You can find a complete list here on the official Tarkov blog post (opens in new tab) including who is streaming on each day. Some of the streamers include Jake Tucker (opens in new tab) on June 11, Sacriel (opens in new tab) on June 12, Anthony Kongphan (opens in new tab) on June 13, and many more.

According to the post on the official website, drops will be guaranteed "at certain intervals", including weapons, equipment, and rare items. So tune in frequently and you'll be storming Labs in no time!

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