If you thought Tek Knight was bad in The Boys season 4 episode 6, he is way worse in the comics

Tek Knight in Gen V
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Well, The Boys season 4 episode 6 was an interesting viewing experience, to say the least. But aside from the abundance of strange sexual displays and awkward scenes, you may be wondering, what is up with Tek Knight, and why does he have a… hole fetish?

Warning: this article includes some major spoilers for The Boys season 4 episode 6, so make sure you have seen that before you read on! 

So… that happened. In The Boys season 4 episode 6, we were treated, or rather subjected, to one of the most vulgar and kinky episodes since the likes of Herogasm in season 3. We saw Webweaver shoot whatever that was out of his web hole all over MM and at Tek Knight’s house we witnessed Ashley in a latex suit and Hughie pass gas on a chocolate cake, all whilst a gimp watched on from the corner. Shiver. But perhaps the strangest thing, which is saying a lot, is the fact that Tek Knight was drawing holes into Hughie’s body, revealing that he wanted to cut these out and… enter them. So, what is up with Knight’s weird hole kink?

The hole story

Tek Knight in Gen V

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I won’t go into too much detail here as we have already covered who the character is and where he comes from in our Tek Knight explainer. But the gist is that Tek is an extremely rich Supe who uses his wealth to his advantage. The Bruce Wayne type also hosts various Vought shows, and as we saw in Gen V and now in The Boys, has an uncontrollable urge to stick his member into anything with a hole.

So, why does he do this? In the comics, Tek is said to suffer from paraphilia, developing an intense sexual compulsion towards any object with a hole in it as a result of having a brain tumor. This means that any human, animal, or object with a hole, is basically a goal in Tek’s mind. Or even if there isn’t a hole there, he seeks to make one, just as we saw with Hughie.

But believe it or not, his sexual outbursts are way worse in the comics. In one issue, he tries to have relations with a robot after seeing his rear end, and in others he sets his sights on a coffee cup, a cat, and even his sidekick. All without consent of course. Truly despicable. But Tek was outed to the local newspaper when he tried to assault his butler in his ear hole, which explains the butler’s actions at the end of episode 6. 

In the comics, Tek meets his end by having sex with a giant asteroid and causing it to explode, saving the planet in the process. But in actual fact he was killed by a falling wheelbarrow and hallucinated the whole meteor ordeal. 

So, there you have it, that is the lowdown on Tek and everything we know about his on-screen depiction and his comic book character. Let’s just hope we don’t meet another Supe like him in the future! 

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