Does the cat die in A Quiet Place: Day One?

A Quiet Place: Day One
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When you see a cat or dog in the trailer for a horror movie, it’s impossible not to get a little nervous. A Quiet Place: Day One, a prequel to the John Krasinski-directed mid-apocalyptic pics, puts a cat right in the middle of the turmoil. Frodo (played by two cats named Schnitzel and Nico) is arguably the third-billed star of the new movie, even getting his own featurette. He sticks by Sam (Lupita Nyong’o) throughout the film, becoming a service animal in more ways than one. But, given that it’s pretty easy for a human to die in the A Quiet Place universe, it makes you wonder whether or not a cat would survive the invasion and instead have a tragic horror movie ending (looking at you, Mike Flanagan).

We know that some people might not go see A Quiet Place: Day One unless they know whether Frodo the cat lives or dies – which is why we made this handy explainer. Read on to find out what happens to our fuzzy friend.

Does the cat die in A Quiet Place: Day One?

Lupita Nyong'o in A Quiet Place: Day One

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Short answer: No. However, that’s not to say that Frodo isn’t in minute-by-minute danger throughout the duration of the film. As Sam’s service cat, he’s either on a leash or roaming free – but he always knows to come right back to Sam. It’s what happens on the journey back to Sam that might have you gripping the edge of your seat. When there are explosions or attacks, Frodo sometimes disappears. He even has to hold his breath underwater (cats really aren’t known to be swimmers) when Sam and Eric (Joseph Quinn) are evading the monsters in the subway.

Luckily, Frodo lives. He gets on a boat full of survivors with Eric and his last onscreen moment sees him cuddle up to Henri’s (Djimon Hounsou) son. Now, if you’ve seen A Quiet Place Part 2…the ending of Day One implies that Eric and Frodo are headed to that island where a colony is formed in the second pic. Creatures eventually descend upon the colony – and it no longer becomes a safe space. But for now, we can rest knowing that Frodo safely made it to a boat full of people who want to feed and cuddle him.

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