Enlisted open beta brings authentic WW2 combat to next gen consoles

Enlisted open beta brings authentic WW2 combat to next gen consoles
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World War 2 shooter Enlisted is now in free open beta on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

After a successful closed beta period, Enlisted is now available for everyone to check out on next gen consoles with a free open beta. Enlisted is a squad-based online shooter set in World War 2. Each player controls an entire squad of soldiers and you can swap between squad members at any time, with the rest of your group being controlled by AI teammates.

Enlisted has a huge focus on historical accuracy, which means that you’ll only be using era-appropriate weaponry and vehicles during your battles. So, if you want to use the iconic German Tiger tank out, you’ll need to take part in a battle that happened after it was put into service. 

At the same time, developer Darkflow Software was keen to avoid what it calls  the “tedium that comes with more simulation-type games”, which means you won’t be hoofing it up and down the countryside for hours between engagements. Instead, Enlisted focuses on fast-paced, short time-to-kill combat encounters which offer a forgiving and enjoyable experience to more casual shooter fans.

There are twelve different classes of infantry to choose from, along with dozens of era accurate weapons, tanks, and aircraft for you to take into battle across the two different campaign eras. You can either fight in the Battle of Moscow in 1941-42, or storm the beaches in the Invasion of Normandy during 1944.

Everyone who took part in the closed beta test will also receive a set of rewards including a selection of in-game posters, which can be placed like spray tags on walls during the game. You also get 14 days of premium account membership, 4 silver weapon supply orders, and 2 silver troop supply orders to give your squads a boost.

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