Enjoy Sadness

Wednesday 12 April 2006
Word has just reached us that Polish developer Nibris has announced Sadness, a totally black and white, utterly mysterious game for Nintendo's Revolution console. We're failing to make any sense of the press release issued for the announcement, so we've published it here, in full, for your brain-fizzling delight:

"Exclusive Nintendo Revolution title Sadness will be fully... black and white!

"Nibris decided to follow Nintendo's path, which definitely fights thestagnation which has occurred in video games, and creates new trends - With this move, we want to create a unique environment, which is onlyavailable in Sadness - Says Lukasz 'CassSept' Oskard, a Nibris employee. But Nibris are not following the trend created though Sin City, butrather a game which is set pre-World War. More information on Sadness will be available soon."

Yes, quite.