Enemy Territory: Quake Wars interview Part 1

What are you expectations for downloadable content and the modding community?

Wedgwood: id Software has a plan that they're putting together at the moment for on-going support. That hasn't been finalized yet but they're committed to making sure the community has everything it needs to keep it active. As for Splash Damage our focus is really on the PC SKU now, that and supporting the developers that are working on the console versions.

As soon as we're done with the PC version we're going to be working on the SDK which is really releasing the source code, the documentation that we've maintained over the last couple of years, the artistic media level designers are going to want for putting together big megatextures and getting that out into the community so that mod makers and level designers can get a start on creating their content. Once we're done with that we'll look at the plans that id Software has.

How intertwined is the development of the console version with the PC version?

Wedgwood: Our programmers hang out in a location digitally so all three companies are able to talk to each other in real time, all the time. Key programmers at Splash Damage, Z-Axis, Nerve Software and id Software are in real time communication with each other every hour that they're at work.

We do as much as we can to support their focus, but Splash Damage is not an experienced console developer. When it comes to queries about the engine or what we can do to optimize the game for those platforms we'll do that, and in return companies like Nerve Software (working on the 360 version) are helping to develop two of the maps. So it's a very collaborative process.