Enemy Territory: Quake Wars interview Part 1

How much depth has gone into the vehicles?

Wedgwood: We've always had this design philosophy that you shouldn'tchange gameplay in an attempt to make gameplay more accessible. We wouldn't want to make something simple just to attract more players.

It's much more important to have longevity because this isn't a game that people are going to play for ten hours, put down and move onto the next big thing. We expect people to play for months and years just like they have done with Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. The only way you can do that is if there is significant depth to the tactical potential for all of the combat classes.

Firstly we have a combat role which suits a player's preferred style and even if you take something like covert ops which is like an infiltration character class, there are two or three ways you can still play that class. You can be up on the top of a hill having deployed a radar for your team and sniping the enemy as they come out of their base, or you can be down at ground level running around, stealing disguises, backstabbing people and hacking in and disabling their deployables.

So there's this preferred playing style we want to suit anybody no matter what they want to do. It doesn't matter if you don't want to fire a single shot - there's potential for you to be at the top of the scoreboard having been the best team player in your team regardless of how you play. We've tried to improve the user interface and accessibility but not at the expense of gameplay. Longevity is the really important goal.