Enemy Territory: Quake Wars interview Part 1

What have you figured out and changed over the last year?

Wedgwood: The most significant focus has been on map uniqueness. This is the notion that there is a plot, the Strogg invasion of Earth in 2065 which is a prequel to the Quake series.

We wanted each of the maps to be a critical turning point in that invasion, so for example in Quake 2 we know that the humans lead a retaliatory attack on Strogg by using the slip gate technology that they reverse engineered. So we have a map where the GDF have captured the slip gate technology and the Strogg are trying to get it back and destroy it.

By having a plot inspire the map's existence and kind of justify its existence means we need to have a unique objective at the end of the map. It has to have a series of objectives that has unique and distinct geometry. So you can see from sewer that the beginning of this map is nothing like the beginning of Valley, and the end of this map, although it's a destruction objective, the geometry and interiors are completely unique and different.