Enemy Territory: Quake Wars interview Part 1

Speakingof the objectives, how complex do the tasks get in later maps?

Wedgwood: Firstly there are 12 maps that have four campaigns, so each campaign has three maps. There's a North Africa campaign, a Northern Europe campaign, a North American campaign and a Pacific campaign. They all take place in geographically distinct locations. The objective actions are always consistent but the geometry that surrounds the objective is completely different from map to map.

In Valley the final objective is to destroy this Strogg contaminator that's destroying the water table and trying to render the local population defenseless to Stroggification. The combat around that interior is vastly different from destroying the sub-station barricade that's just on the outside of this compound.

There's a huge difference between how the gameplay works around this compound versus the final objective on Valley, yet you have exactly the same objective. As far as the player's learning curve is concerned we've tried to make it consistent so they go "ok that's the objective with the dynamite, I know exactly what I'm supposed to do on this. I've done it once before."

It's the same every time you come across it but the gameplay and the actual tactics you use to achieve that objective are going to be vastly different from map to map.