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Ender's Game coming to Xbox Live Arcade

Chair Entertainment, the developer behind XBLA game Undertow, is working with sci-fi author Orson Scott Card on a new videogame project.

It'll be an adaptation of Card's classic Ender's Game novel, and is inspired by the 'Battle Room' featuring in the book.

For anyone unfamiliar with Ender's Game, it tells the tale of humanity's war with an alien species known as the Formics, and Battle School is the training ground for the future leaders of Earth's International Fleet.

Through simulated war games and training conducted in the Battle Room, the children rise through the ranks of Battle School to become Earth's only hope for victory.

Chair Entertainment is collaborating with Orson Scott Card on the project, and under a deal struck by the studio it has the right to develop games based on the novel for console, PC and handheld.

Card has said that Chair Entertainment is the right developer to produce the first ever Ender's Game game. Well, he would, wouldn't he.

"It's not enough to slap the Ender's Game name on just any game - it has to be exciting, memorable, and endlessly replayable. Chair shares my understanding of this and I am looking forward to working with them to ensure the game is as authentically Enderish as possible," he added.

Courtesy of CVG

Jan 29, 2008