Employee Of The Month trailer

After her feature debut in The Dukes Of Hazzard big screen bow, we had to concede that warbler and MTV whinge-sack Jessica Simpson isn’t too bad in front of the camera.

You’ll be able to judge Jess more on her thesping skills than on the length of her shorts, when Employee Of The Month clocks in at multiplexes early next year.

The tale features Jess as Amy, a new recruit at a retail store where Zack (Dane Cook) is chief slacker and Vince (Dax Shepard) has been employee of the month for seventeen consecutive months.

Zack decides to try and snatch the honour from Vince in an effort to impress Amy, who admires Vince’s dedication and ambition. Much hilarity and life lessons no doubt follow… coupled with the odd knob gag.

The flick is directed by relative newbie-helmer Greg Coolidge and will arrive in cinemas on 5 January.

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