Emily Blunt in line for Snow White And The Huntsman sequel

It's all-change over at Universal's sequel to Snow White And The Huntsman (simply titled The Huntsman), with director Frank Darabont having walked away from the project.

Apparently “creative differences” were behind the move, with The Wrap reporting that Darabont “abruptly left the high-priority project” this week.

While Universal is expected to hire a replacement next week, the studio is apparently also courting Emily Blunt to play the film's spellbinding villainess.

If she signs on, Blunt will appear as the Snow Queen, the vengeful sister of Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron).

Theron is also expected to return (despite the events of the first film), with Chris Hemsworth back as the Huntsman, who goes on a quest to find a magic mirror, only to encounter the Snow Queen.

The current script for The Huntsman was written by Darabont, but it remains unclear if it will be used by whoever replaces him in the director's chair.

The Huntsman will open in the UK and US on 22 April 2016.

Josh Winning

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