Emilia Clarke talks Dany's Game of Thrones season 7 plan: "I’ll definitely be disappointed if she doesn’t make it"

We’re all #TeamDany, right? The golden-haired Mother of Dragons has undergone a journey that has seen her gone from Mereen, to Pentos, to finally across the Narrow Sea to kick off Game of Thrones season 7. The Iron Throne is almost within touching distance, but Emilia Clarke is cautiously optimistic about Dany reaching her ultimate goal.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Clarke touched upon what needs to be done to ensure Daenerys takes her rightful (depending on who you ask) place as ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, “She'll probably need some help... I'll definitely be disappointed if she doesn't make it [to the Iron Throne]"

It’s not all sunshine and lollipops for Dany’s future though. As season 7 rolls around, the Breaker of Chains (etc, etc) is maybe starting to doubt herself as her dreams become reality, as Clarke explains, "I think that there was always that idea that she would know where she was going to, but the reality is frightening. I mean, I always believed that Dany had the highest of hopes for what kind of impact she could leave on this world."

The Targaryen name, however, still carries a burden – even if girl power is in vogue in Westeros:  "Suddenly like, it's a woman's world. That's nice, that's good. Dany is exploring every avenue that her kind of bloodline has been to. People have an idea of what her father was and everyone has vague idea what her brother was. She knows what those things are but it could be very easy for her to do something very rash."

Something very rash, you say? You had my interest, but now you have my attention…

Image: HBO

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