Elizabeth: The Golden Age gets a trailer

There’s a moment in this first trailer for Shekhar Kapur’s follow-up to Elizabeth, which finds the Queen giving one of those rallying speeches to her troops, and bellowing, “they shall not pass!” It made us wonder how she’d taken a leaf out of Gandalf’s book in The Lord Of The Rings, which would be quite a talent, since the books hadn’t been written, the films centuries away and time travel still not possible.

But before we over think ourselves into a headache, sit back and enjoy the promo for The Golden Age, which sees Cate Blanchett settling back into her Oscar-nominated character and guiding Queen Elizabeth 1 into war with Europe as she also romances Clive Owen’s Sir Walter Raleigh.

With the likes of Geoffrey Rush, Samantha Morton and Abbie Cornish also starring, the trailer can be tracked down here .