Elijah Wood stars in gory new Maniac trailer: watch now

Maniac has released a first official teaser trailer to coincide with its forthcoming screening at Cannes, and it's a lot more disturbing than we were expecting.

Directed by Franck Kalfoun, the film is an update of an '80s slasher, in which Elijah Wood's mannequin store owner sets about decorating some of his more out-there creations with the bloodied hair of women he's scalped.

Despite that grisly synopsis, we were kind of expecting a daft, knockabout trashfest (bear in mind the script was written by Piranha 3D 's Alexandre Aja), but from the looks of this first trailer, it seems that Maniac will be a far grittier proposition.

Check out the new teaser below, bearing in mind that with nudity and graphic violence involved, it's not safe for work...

Pretty gruesome stuff, eh? Elijah Wood might have seemed an odd choice on the face of it, but having already created one memorable psychopath in the form of Sin City 's Kevin, it seems as though he's on similarly monstrous form here.

Maniac opens in the UK later in the year, with a specific release date yet to be confirmed.

George Wales

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