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Elijah Wood chats The Hobbit

With the general air of jubilation still hanging around after the announcement that Peter Jackson would indeed be bringing us two more movies set in the Lord Of The Rings universe (even if he’s only producing them), it would seem only logical to chase down some of the people who would be involved.

MTV (opens in new tab) got talking to Elijah Wood, better known as Frodo Baggins, who revealed that, while his hairy-footed hero isn’t exactly the centre of attention in The Hobbit, he’d be well up for a cameo.

“Nothing was really written with Frodo involved in it. That was sort of an ancillary tale outside of ‘Lord of the Rings.’ I can’t imagine that they would write great reams of information regarding my character,” he blabbed. “But if he [Frodo] should show up, it would actually be the perfect way to revisit because it could be small enough that I could go back and have a nice sort of reunion with the memories that I have of the experience.”

Jackson’s plan call for two movies – one that would follow The Hobbit, and a second that will act as a bridge between that adventure and the LOTR movies we all know and love.

For more Wood head over to MTV. (opens in new tab)

Source: ( MTV (opens in new tab) )

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