Elder Scrolls 6 Hammerfell location teased via strategically placed candles

Elder Scrolls map
(Image credit: Bethesda)

Another teaser for the Elder Scrolls 6 may have emerged in a tweet over the holidays, at least according to fevered speculation from the fan community.

The official Elder Scrolls Twitter account sent out a New Year's message that included an image of a detailed map of Skyrim, telling fans to "transcribe the past and map the future." Don't just look at the landmarks on the map itself - check out where those candles are placed on the image.

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Two of the candles are located on or near Skyrim itself (one is placed above the map on a book, which of course has people talking about Starfield since it takes place in space). The third candle is placed beyond Skyrim's borders to the southwest, just underneath the label for Hammerfell. The arid and mountainous region is home to the Redguards, and fans have been speculating about it being the primary location for the next Elder Scrolls game ever since some landmarks and geographic details from the initial teaser trailer seemed to line up.

Official details about The Elder Scrolls 6 are scarce so far, leaving fans eager to speculate about any little detail that comes up. This isn't anything close to confirmation of the Elder Scrolls 6 location being set in Hammerfell, but it is an intriguing tease that seems far too prominent to ignore as we look ahead at the future of Elder Scrolls.

Speaking of which, the release of The Elder Scrolls 6 is likely to still be a long way off. Bethesda has made it clear that it plans to put out Starfield before we start hearing more about our next sword-and-sorcery adventure - though there's always The Elder Scrolls Online until then.

Bethesda Game Studios boss Todd Howard has gone on record saying he doesn't want games to get bigger just for the sake of being on next-gen.

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