Elden Ring modder gives the fantasy RPG a brilliant Silent Hill-style makeover

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There's now an Elden Ring mod that makes adventuring in the action-RPG scarier and more deadly.

Thanks to its plethora of powerful enemies eager to tear your Tarnished limb from limb, the Lands Between isn't the coziest of places at the best of times. But players looking for an even more unnerving experience will be happy to know that there's a new mod that essentially transforms the fantasy RPG into a Silent Hill-esque horror game.

It comes courtesy of Twitch steamer and speedrunner LilAggy, who's teamed up with Elden Ring modder Matt Gruen. "Ok, this is the coolest thing ever," tweeted LilAggy alongside a short video of Elden Ring, but not as we're used to seeing it. The footage shows a Tarnished engulfed in a dense fog, barely able to see a foot in front of them, when suddenly a fearsome fire-breathing foe appears as if out of nowhere. 

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If you're wondering how the modder managed to transform Elden Ring into a fully-fledged scare fest, then LilAggy has the answer. He explains that the violent storm raging through the land was achieved "by adding the Consecrated Snowfield blizzard effect." Additionally, enemies are randomised "so you never know what's coming," which, if you've played Elden Ring, you'll know is a truly terrifying prospect. To disorient the player further, the HUD has been switched off. 

The mod isn't available to download yet, but LilAggy has promised to share it when it gets a public release, so it's worth keeping an eye on his Twitter account if you're interested in trying it out for yourself. In the meantime, there's around six hours' worth of footage on Twitch of him playing Elden Ring using the mod, or should that be Elden Hill? 

LilAggy is well-known by fans of the Souls series, having held several world records for his quick completions of FromSoftware games. For instance, back in March, he managed to cross Elden Ring's finish line in less than one hour. And speed isn't his only skill; he's also managed to defeat every boss in Dark Souls using only balls of poop

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