Elden Ring fans can't get over how low-key the DLC announcement was

Elden Ring
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Elden Ring fans can't believe the game's highly-anticipated DLC was announced in the most casual way imagineable.

Elden Ring DLC was announced just hours ago on February 28, via a tweet from the game's official English-facing Twitter account. FromSoftware just dropped the announcement on a random Tuesday, and now some Elden Ring fans are perplexed at why there wasn't more build-up to the grand reveal.

As the post below attests to, FromSoftware really did just drop the information at 3 am for East Coast US fans. Hey, it's not as if America is the only time zone that exists on the face of planet Earth, as many of the Reddit comments point out, but it's still a bit of a head-scratching time for major DLC to be revealed.

No way they just announced DLC in a tweet at 3 am on a random Tuesday from r/Eldenring

"5PM on a Tuesday in Japan, probably just about right to drop a bombshell tweet," says on Reddit user in response. "I love how fromsoft trolled the entire community by announcing a DLC 12 hours after everyone was getting mad about no DLC announcement for the anniversary," writes another user, referencing a recent anniversary livestream for Elden Ring that left many fans disappointed with the lack of DLC news.

As the fan below sums it up, "we're making DLC" really was about the extent of the grand reveal for Elden Ring's expansion. Shadow of the Erdtree literally has no other information surrounding it right now other than "it's in development," because FromSoftware just casually dropped the mic and walked off into the distance.

With few official details to go on, the Elden Ring DLC fan theories are already in overdrive. Some are anticipating Shadow of the Erdtree will focus on Miquella's vision, while others are convinced it'll star Marika from the past. We're somehow just left with more questions than answer at this point. 

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