Elden Ring cut content includes a Mimic Tear becoming self aware

Elden Ring
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Elden Ring dataminers are finding cut content, even including entire quest lines that didn't make the final game.

The new discoveries have come fairly thick and fast over the last few days, as dataminers have got stuck into deciphering Elden Ring's various files. Renowned FromSoftware dataminer Lance McDonald put out the video below, revealing a cut feature from Elden Ring that would've seen you extracting an item called Dream Mist, which you could then use on NPCs to get them to reveal secrets.

Next, YouTuber NullRiku uncovers an entire cut quest line involving a character called Asimi, complete with voice acting and other details. The cut NPC is basically a Mimic Tear who's somehow gained sentience, and they beg the player character to let them keep their new form, promising them supreme power if they do.

If the request is accepted, Asimi bonds with the player as a unique item in their inventory. Then, when the player enters either of the two Eternal Cities, Asimi asks them to retrieve one of two chalices, neither of which are in the final version of Elden Ring.

At this point, things become a little murky. The YouTuber speculates that Asimi was going to become a perfect clone of the player character, eventually challenging them to a grand showdown as a boss encounter. This fight looks like it would've functioned just the actual Mimic Tear boss encounter in the final game, and would've rewarded the player with the Mimic Tear Spirit Ash.

It's a real shame Asimi's quest line didn't make it into Elden Ring. We can only speculate as to why FromSoftware chose to exclude the quest, and the Dream Mist, from Elden Ring. Asimi's quest line sounds fascinating, though, and we're thoroughly looking forward to seeing what else dataminers can pull out of Elden Ring's buried files.

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