Elden Ring and Dark Souls developer says it's working on "multiple new projects"

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Elden Ring and Dark Souls developer FromSoftware says that it's hiring for "multiple new projects."

In a tweet posted earlier today (translated via Microsoft), the studio said that it had "started recruiting staff for a wide range of positions for multiple new projects," and directed prospective candidates to its careers page.

That page suggests that new staff will be at the "core" of several new projects, and lists a wide array of roles, including game design, programming, art design, and animation. It's difficult to get a full sense of what the studio is working on from these listings, but it's worth noting that the Game Planner role suggests that the projects are early in development, asking staff to "verbalize ideas and concepts and create the core part of the game." FromSoft is also hiring a Research and Development role, aiming to "raise the level of development capabilities" within the studio.

Elsewhere, there's mention of concept art relating to both characters and world design. Right there, however, in the Character Designer role, there's mention of "mecha design." That's a pretty sizeable clue, especially when you note that earlier this year, it was claimed that FromSoftware was planning a return to the Armored Core series.

That's just one of several potential projects, however. Another reasonable guess would be at Elden Ring DLC, and there's also the possibility that a sequel is in the early stages of development - that's mostly just speculation at this point, but Bandai Namco has already described Elden Ring as the start of a multimedia franchise.

It's likely to be some time until we learn more about any of these projects, although it's reasonable to assume add-on content for Elden Ring would arrive earlier than a fully-fledged game.

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