PSA: There’s no El Camino post-credits scene (but here’s what the end-credits song could mean)

el camino post-credits scene
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No spoilers here just yet, don’t worry. For those who habitually check before watching any big release nowadays: there is no El Camino post-credits scene. Simple. The Breaking Bad movie draws to a close once the title card comes up. From there, it’s up to you if you watch the credits – but it might be worth it, thanks to the end-credits song possibly hinting at the fate of one of El Camino’s major players.

Spoilers for El Camino follow…

Over the credits, “Static on the Radio” by Jim White (featuring Aimee Mann) begins to play.

The song tells the story of a man who holds several memories close to him but, ultimately, must break free from them. Sound familiar? It mirrors Jesse’s plight who now, finally, has a clear road ahead of him up in Alaska.

Looking deeper, the lyrics “It’s a crime to weave your wishes into what they said,” could also hint at Jesse’s next step.

The majority of flashbacks – including one with Mike (Jonathan Banks) and a returning Bryan Cranston as Walter White – all show Jesse being offered advice on his future. Mike suggests in the opening that Alaska would be his destination if “he were [Jesse].” Walt also reckons a college degree would be useful.

“If I were your age, starting fresh. Alaska. It’s the last frontier. Up there you can be anything you want,” Mike says. It’s a pipe dream – but one that comes to fruition via Ed the Cleaner in El Camino’s final act.

What next? For Jesse – it’s no longer static on the radio. He has a plan and a fresh start thanks to the words from those left behind.  On his current path, don’t be surprised if Jesse enrols in a business course at his local Alaskan college.

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