Edifier G2000 speakers review: "Small sound savages that are absolutely worth the price"

Edifier G2000
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GamesRadar+ Verdict

The Edifier G2000 speakers are small, but don't let their size fool you - they pump out impressive sound.


  • +

    Fantastic size for such small statured speakers

  • +

    Small, chic design fits well with any setup

  • +

    Bluetooth option as well as AUX or USB lets you connect to multiple devices


  • -

    Changing RBG lights is a bit wonky

  • -

    Power-up sound gets old fast

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Sometimes you gotta give your head a break and swap in a pair of PC speakers instead of one of the best gaming headsets or PC headsets for gaming. When that time comes, you may want to snag the Edifier G2000 PC speakers, which pack a pint-sized audio punch without injuring your wallet.

As someone who easily gets uncomfortable when wearing a headset for too long, it's nice to have the option to enjoy some crisp audio without pinching my glasses for hours. And with the speakers on even the best gaming monitors rarely providing the kind of audio kick I like, plugging in the Edifier G2000s and fighting the Reapers in Mass Effect Legendary Edition has never sounded so epic.

$99.99 at Amazon US | £99.99 at Amazon UK

The Edifier G2000 PC speakers offer high-quality audio at an incredibly reasonable price: right now they're comfortable under the three-figure mark at Amazon, which means you can get some fantastic sound without the crash of breaking your piggy bank. They definitely earn a spot in our best computer speakers run down, and are, in their own, way a great gaming sound system for PC.

We got a chance to test out the Edifier G2000, using them to watch a movie, listen to some music from CircoLoco Records, and play a handful of today's hottest games. Here's how they stack up. 

Edifier G2000

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Design & Features

The Edifier G2000 speakers have a 3.5mm rubber AUX cable with gold-plated connections that feels sturdy and durable, a USB-A to USB-A cable, and a power adapter. The speakers are connected by a non-detachable cable, which can be frustrating for people who like to have more flexibility with their setup. However, the length of the cable made setting up on my desk rather easy, as was tucking the cable away out of sight.

The G2000 are housed in matte black plastic with rounded edges all around. They feel incredibly sturdy and aren't easily tipped over by wandering cats. The speakers are slightly tilted up which helps a lot as they're rather short. The back of the main speaker has ports for USB-A, an AUX-in cable, a subwoofer out AUX, and power. The side of that speaker has buttons and toggles which change the input (AUX, USB, or Bluetooth), adjust the audio settings for gaming, music, or movie modes. 

Edifier G2000

(Image credit: Edifier )

There are RGB light panels along the sides and back of both 2.75-inch speakers, and while the default color is blue, you can adjust it - although it's not the most brilliant feature. Pressing the bottom button adjusts the EQ settings between game, movie, and music modes - and that changes the color as well. A long press will change the colors, a short press will change the mode. It can get a bit finicky, especially since there are color breathing and color-changing modes that you can only get to by cycling through the long press every time.

Keep in mind these speakers have a power-up sound that's like a revving car engine - and it will get old fast. 

Edifier G2000

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These little badboys pack an absolutely punch, with a decent bass unit and 8W power output for each speaker. I was genuinely surprised at how good they sound for how small they are, and swapping between the EQ modes makes a noticeable difference. You can't manually adjust any of the EQ settings (unless you plug these into a sound card), which may be a deterrent for the audiophiles among us, but likely isn't an issue for many of the people who will use these speakers.

The bass won't go too crazy, which makes sense because of the speaker size, however it's an impressive amount of bass for such baby speakers. And if you need more thumb, that's why there's a 3.5mm aux output option for a subwoofer. The lows, mids, and highs with these speakers are great across the board and never sound tinny. 

It's great to play single player games like Mass Effect Legendary Edition or Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order with these speakers, as you get a bombastic, full sound that really feels like you're playing through a movie. Listening to music also sounds fantastic, as I bumped a ton of techno and hip-hop on these bad boys during my work day. 

Edifier G2000

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Overall - should you buy it?

If you're looking for speakers that won't take up a ton of space but can pack a ton of sound, the Edifier G2000 speakers are it. Not only can you use them to team brilliantly with your contender for best gaming PC or best gaming laptop, but these can be hooked up to your phone to get the party started or your TV to help increase the sound of your console gaming - though given the size of these you're probably still better off with a PS5 headset, PS4 headset, Xbox One headset, or Xbox Series X headset.

They're easy to move around, look great in almost any setup, and have three distinct sound modes that let you adjust these for movies, gaming, or music. At under $100 / £100, the Edifier G2000 are small sound savages, and absolutely worth the price.  

$99.99 at Amazon US | £99.99 at Amazon UK

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