Ed Sheeran is releasing a Pokemon song that'll probably make you cry and/or dance

(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

Ed Sheeran is collaborating with The Pokemon Company on a song called 'Celestial', launching next week on various streaming platforms.

The pop star confirmed the news on his official Twitter account, revealing the title of the track and some characteristically adorable artwork showing a crude sketch of Pikachu resting on Sheeran's shoulder. It's unclear at this point whether Pikachu will hop on the track for a verse or two or if he's just there for the cover art.

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No further details have been revealed about Ed Sheeran's Pokemon song, but judging from the artist's prior work, there's a very good chance it'll make you want to cry. Or dance. Or both simultaneously. In fact, I'll bet y'all right now that 'Celestial' will be played during at least a dozen weddings this year alone. 

Over on YouTube, Sheeran shared a short clip of himself performing the song on top of a bunch of Pokemon plushes and, yup, it's classic Sheeran, belting out soulful hooks in a light tenor about a pair united by their troubled hearts.

This is all speculation, but it's possible Sheeran's new song will be featured in an upcoming Pokemon Go update, as the mobile title hosted an event themed around the orange-haired crooner late last year. Again making this incrementally less random, Sheeran himself once shared his affection for the Nintendo DS game Pokemon Black.

Ed Sheeran's new song 'Celestial' debuts September 29 on Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer, and you can pre-save/pre-add it on those platforms now.

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