Ed Brisson joins Amazing Spider-Man writing team in last-minute change

Amazing Spider-Man #68
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Ed Brisson has unexpectedly joined Marvel Comics' Amazing Spider-Man as co-writer as of June 9's Amazing Spider-Man #68. The publisher hasn't made a formal announcement, but Brisson's co-writing credit was included in an advance preview of Amazing Spider-Man #68 sent out to press over the weekend just days before its on-sale date.

Sources have confirmed that this isn't a one-off assignment, and Brisson will be co-writing Amazing Spider-Man with long-time series writer Nick Spencer for the immediate future. 

"'The Chameleon Conspiracy' continues!," reads the advance description of Amazing Spider-Man #68. "Spider-Man aims to get to the bottom of the Chameleon's plan, but the Foreigner takes his own aim."

Here's a preview of June 9's Amazing Spider-Man #68, Brisson's debut on the title:

Similarly, the announced artist of Amazing Spider-Man #68, Marcelo Ferreira, is also welcoming additional help, with Carlos Gomez and Ze Carlos listed as co-pencilers.

Amazing Spider-Man #68 is the second part in the 'Chameleon Conspiracy' storyline, where the Chameleon will be "making the biggest play of his supervillain career" according to Marvel. It all started in last week's Amazing Spider-Man #67, when Teresa Parker - that's right, Peter Parker's sister - breaks Chameleon out of prison, despite being the person who caught him and put him in that prison a few years prior.

Amazing Spider-Man #68's description tips Chameleon's hand that he'll be working with the Foreigner, but advance solicitations have confirmed he'll also be adding Jack O'Lantern and Chance to his crew.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Brisson's last-minute addition to the Amazing Spider-Man writing teams comes as this flagship Marvel title speeds up its schedule. In addition to the consistent twice-weekly clip, Spencer is writing several Amazing Spider-Man tie-in one-shots and limited series that feed into the main story - a Chameleon Conspiracy one-shot in June, then four-part Sinister War event spread over July and August. 

Last fall when Amazing Spider-Man's publishing schedule was similarly amped up for 'Last Remains', Matthew Rosenberg was brought in to co-write the issues with Spencer.

Brisson's three-year 'exclusive' contract with Marvel ended earlier this year, with the writer branching out to once again work with other publishers including with DC on the upcoming Batman Secret Files: Clownhunter #1. This new Amazing Spider-Man gig would seem to fill the gap for Brisson in the planned Marvel Predator series, which was announced and then subsequently postponed indefinitely just 15 days later.

Neither Brisson or Marvel have specified how many issues they're planning to write together, however the 'Chameleon Conspiracy' runs through June 30, ending in Giant-Size Amazing Spider-Man: Chameleon Conspiracy #1.

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