EA's Iron Man game enlists one of the most heartfelt and funny writers in Marvel comics

Iron Man stares at the player in a dark room
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Current Fantastic Four comic writer Ryan North is working on EA and Motive Studios' upcoming Iron Man video game, according to a social media post from the writer himself. Though few details about the game have been released so far, we know that the game is officially in pre-production using the Unreal 5 engine.

However, we still don't know what the story is, or even exactly what style of game Iron Man will be. We know it's a third-person game which will be heavily action and adventure focused, but bringing in North as a writer could be an indication that the game will go even deeper into other aspects of Iron Man's place in the Marvel Universe, as North's previous Iron Man stories have delved into subterfuge and magic.

"It's no secret that I love Iron Man and have written my heart out for Tony Stark every chance I've had," North stated on social media. "So I'm PRETTY STOKED to say I'm part of the writing team on the upcoming Iron Man game from Motive Studio!"

North has written Iron Man in comics a few times, including in the recent Secret Invasion limited series that revealed Tony Stark was, at one point, working with a whole group of personal Skrull duplicates, as well as the Darkhold: Iron Man one-shot in which Tony Stark faced down a magical threat related to the cursed Darkhold book.

EA and Motive Studio's Iron Man doesn't have a release date yet, and it hasn't been announced on which platforms it will be released.

Iron Man is just one of the upcoming Marvel games currently planned and in production.

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