EA dissolves The White Council?

An unnamed source close to the development of Lord of the Rings: The White Council, an Oblivion -style mega adventure set in the rich world of Tolkien's fantasy, has reported that developer Electronic Arts has cancelled the exciting project.

Speaking under "a condition of anonymity," the source was confident enough in the information to confirm to 1up.com that the game will not be completed, despite the scale of The White Council 's thrilling potential.

We contacted EA who offered "no comment" but assured us that we would be given up-to-date information when it became available. Which, of course, isn't a denial or confirmation. We'd be bitterly disappointed to see The White Council cast into limbo, with its promise of orc-hacking, Mordor-exploring, Minas Tirith-protecting gameplay remaining unfulfilled. Expect an update soon.

January 5, 2007

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