Everything from Sonys E3 2015 press conference

World of Final Fantasy brings the cuteness

OH MY GOD SO CUTE. Play as tiny versions of classic Final Fantasy characters. It's coming exclusively to PS4 and Vita in 2016.

Final Fantasy 7 is getting a goddamn remake

Well, you've finally done it. Final Fantasy 7 is getting a goddamn remake, coming first to PS4. And they said miracles don't happen.

Devolver debuts new indies on PS4

Devolver continues to bring the indie fury to PS4, and this time, it's with the hyper-violent Mother Russia Bleeds and the more contemplative EITR. Mother Russia Bleeds looks like an M-rated Streets of Rage-inspired beat-em-up, filled with pig masks, gimp suits, and point-blank revolver executions. EITR, on the other hand, looks much creepier - a top-down action-RPG with a real sense of Dark Souls-ian dread.

Shenmue 3 coming to Kickstarter

Sweet Jesus. Yu Suzuki wants to direct a new Shenmue, and Sony gave him a global platform to advertise a Kickstarter to save Shenmue. Want that closure you've so desperately longed for? Visit bit.ly/saveshenmue and put your money where your mouth is.

Sony reminds you that Batman: Arkham Knight is a thing that exists by showing off some Scarecrow missions

Sony showed off a few minutes of the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight, putting us in the shoes of Officer Owens (first person view!), someone who's about to have the worst night of his life, as he's just been blasted in the face with some of Scarecrow's magic creepy dust. These missions are coming exclusively to PS4, and will be out in just over a week.

Morpheus will support four players, launching eSports with RIGS

Andrew House mentioned some of the potential behind Sony's new VR headset, and said that you'll be able to play games with friends on the same console with Morpheus. Plus, Guerilla Cambridge is working on an eSports title exclusively for Morpheus called RIGS.

Playstation Vue launches in San Francisco and LA, PS Plus users get a reduced rate

Sony's streaming TV service will hitting California soon, and starting in July, will actually let you subscribe to individual channels a la carte. And PS Plus users will get a reduced rate on subscriptions.

PS4 will be the first console to get Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 map packs

It seemed weird that Microsoft didn't show off Call of Duty - I mean, they do every year. But this year, they were conspicuously absent. That's because they showed Black Ops 3 at Sony's show, and brought along some new four-player gameplay. Futuristic weapons, boosting, wall-running - looks like once you go jetpack, you don't go back. The battlefield in Black Ops 3 looks much more open than previous games, filled with controllable weapons and destructible environments. PlayStation is also the official home of Call of Duty, getting first access to map packs, as well as a multiplayer Beta in August.

Disney Infinity 3.0 to get several Star Wars playsets

Two different Star Wars Playsets are coming to Disney Infinity: Twilight of the Empire (the prequel trilogy), and Rise Against the Empire (the good trilogy). Twilight is coming first, with Rise coming out a month later - unless you buy a special PS4 exclusive bundle which includes Rise Against the Empire a month earlier than any other console. The PS4 bundle also comes with an exclusive Boba Fett figure.

Star Wars Battlefront getting a horde mode

Star Wars Battlefront is getting a horde mode, where you'll be able to team up with some friends and fend off waves of troops as you defend points while Admiral Ackbar barks orders at you. Or if you're looking for some alone time, you can play it solo as well.

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