E3 07: Mirror's Edge announced for 2008

Electronic Arts has announced a new game in development for the PC and next-gen consoles. Mirror’s Edge will be a “revolutionary” take on the first-person action adventure genre, with EA bigwigs promising all kinds of innovation.Speaking from the EA DICE studio in Stockholm, Senior Producer Owen O’Brien has this to say:

"We want to change the way that players are able to move in first person. No more restrictions, no more being blocked by simple barriers such as walls and fences. We want to enable the player to move like a real person, with the ability to run, jump, vault and slide in a way that has never been seen before in a first person game."

"We are a studio that believes in taking risks and taking games in new directions,” adds General Manager Patrick Soderlund. “We made the sandbox experience viable and enjoyable in Battlefield and now, we are looking to do something radical with the traditional established mechanics of first person movement."

Mirror’s Edge is due out on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC sometime in 2008.

July 10, 2007