E3 07: Hands-on with new PSP

Friday 13 July 2007
Earlier in the week Sony announced that a new PSP (model number PSP-2000)would replace the existing model on sale. The main differences would be a reduction in the thickness of the handheld and a slight weight decrease.

To be honest, it was quite difficult to tell when seen in thepictures shown at the SCEA press show held on Wednesday morning. Turns out it's not much more obvious when seen up close.

During a Europe-specific press briefing, GamesRadar grabbed a working model of the new PSP that will go on sale in Europe from the beginning of September and posed for the camera. See if you can spot the difference...

In all honesty, the physical difference is minimal, but we are quite excited byit'snewability to stream content stored on the PSP to your TV, a function that we think was a strange omission from the original model.

Three basic colours will be offered (black, silver and white) plus three further 'pearlised' iterations under the banner of the'Blume series': 'Felicia Blue', 'Lavender Purple' and 'Rose Pink'. Yes, they do sound like bathroom toilet colours. For more reactions to the new PSP read this.