E3 06: Command and Conquered

As the next-gen step for one of the biggest series ever created, Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars is one of the most exciting games of E3 - not just because of the stunning visuals, but because of three little words that are heard at the end of the teaser trailer shown exclusively behind closed doors at the show: "Then they came." Command and Conquer is back, and it’s bringing company.

Unfortunately, EA is unwilling to detail just who "they" are, no matter how many times we poke them in the ribs. We’re 99.99% sure that an otherworldly alien race will be touching down to invade Earth, though. Come on, it just makes sense!

After the trailer, we were lucky enough to see some actual in-game action of a simple Global Defense Initiative training mission. Set around a coastal base, the mission showed off Command and Conquer’s incredibly good looking translucent water and undulating terrain.