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Zoinks, this Dying Light: The Following trailer has creepy masks and cultists

Zombie apocalypses follow a certain order of events. First there's the outbreak, then societal breakdown, then survivors begin to rebuild, and then death cults try to bring the whole thing crashing back down. This latest trailer for Dying Light's The Following DLC expansion shows that we've reached the fourth stage, with an unseen speaker spouting vague prophecies about a Sun God and one man emerging to make the ultimate sacrifice.

No overt Frankenstein references in this trailer, though it is heavily implied that freerunning protagonist Kyle Crane will be the one called upon to make said ultimate sacrifice. Creepy masks aside, I hope this is one of those cults that has a kernel of truth at the center of its mad doctrine. Cult leaders making up convenient prophecies just so they can hold on to power are so played out. We'll find out when Dying Light: The Following is released on February 9, both on its own and as part of the season pass.

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