Dying Light 2 Bloody Ties DLC tease has divided fans

Dying Light press image fighting bandits
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Dying Light 2 developer Techland has teased the game’s upcoming DLC, but not all fans are excited about it. 

Officially named Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Bloody Ties, the first DLC for the sequel - which was released earlier this year - was teased in a short and vague trailer. The video was uploaded to the Dying Light subreddit and it’s clear to see from the comments of this post that its received mixed responses, even before the full trailer has been released. 

The main complaint at the moment is that this teaser makes the DLC look as though it's an arena game mode, which isn’t something a lot of fans necessarily want from the zombie survival game. "Looks like an arena. I hate arenas," the top comment underneath the Reddit post reads. "I do not want a game mode or something that takes place at another time or something like that. Continuation of the current world is the way to please me," another user replied.

time_to_unveil_some_details_about_dying_light_2 from r/dyinglight

To be fair to Techland, this is just a tease for the DLC at the moment. So there’s always a chance that it could be more than we expect right now. Bloody Ties is set to get a full reveal at Gamescom 2022 during the Geoff Keighley hosted Opening Night Live event on August 23. It looks like some people are staying open minded right now too, as one user explains: "It's called Story DLC 1, I don't think it's just arena."

Around a month ago, a datamine revealed that Dying Light 2 is getting some "Gladiator-themed" story DLC. It has to be said that we don’t know if this is exactly the same DLC as Blood Ties, but considering that the new content could be set in an arena and that Gladiators were known to fight in arenas has us thinking it could be related. 

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